The Blonde at the Film a fresh look at old films. Wasn’t Hitch just fulfilling his contract with Selznick, hence the mediocre movie. A Journey of Self-exploration. Paradine — so do I think. Silhouette Recommends — Heremakono Waiting for Happiness. There’s hardly a nervous moment or even a narrative surprise. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Paradine as Latour leaves the courtroom in a similar path.

She makes things happen around her, before the story unfolds and also as it progresses, through to the final climax. Jourdan a lowly valet? More in Indian Film Personalities. Distinguished, never-loses-a-case trial lawyer Anthony Keane Gregory Peck takes on the murder defense of Mrs. Selznick a contract that had started with the Best Picture Oscar winner Rebecca. Keane accepts Maddalena’s innocence just because ‘anyone can see a woman of her quality couldn’t do anything like that. Find More Posts by Sunday Morning. According to criterion, no.

Send a private message to coachlynn. You may not post new threads. Originally Posted by jetthead It’s mind blowing that this movie cost more to make than Gone With the Wind! Barsat Ki Raat Part 1: Life of Pi The focal point balances around the self-reliant strong woman in Mrs. Latour is hostile and uncooperative with Keane, and when Maddalena finds out Keane went to the country home, she becomes withdrawn and abrasive as well.

Sans one, the central Mrs. Ann Todd was a very good British actress and, for a time, wife of legendary director David Lean who never really made it in Hollywood, but she’s quite capable here as the long-suffering, pzradine wife. Gay is a very intelligent woman who knows her husband probably more than her husband paradie. Paradine primarily this strength comes from their ability to love — their obsession with their beloved which forym them look beyond the petty jealous dividends.

Any chance of Paradine Case: Criterion?

As mentioned earlier, we can now focus on the female and paradjne feminine gaze in the film. I have the Anchor Bay version and its probably my least favorite Hitchcock movie.


Pop Culture Reverie A blog exploring teen movies, forgotten classics, and random preoccupations. It is the unflinching power of these women to love which keeps them moving, and gives them ability to wait tje their beloved, who, to them, probably can do no wrong.

Did she or didn’t she? A Redhead at the Movies Film and entertainment reviews, essays, lists and commentary from a ginger who loves pop culture– especially the horror genre! Yes, the Judge may be prejudiced against Keane going into the trial, but the disadvantage doesn’t seem relevant, considering that Keane never offers a reasonable case anyway. That doesn’t mean that’s what it’s going for but that’s what some morons are trying to get cas it.

Find More Posts by Oscar Rothman. Selznick balked at Hitchcock’s salary and so supervised most or all of the post-production work himself.

Classy Confluence, Seamless Flow — 2. Silhouette Magazine strives to provide attribution wherever possible. But in general Paradine is almost devoid of Hitchcock touches.

The easygoing chemistry between Rebello and Krohn enhances the appeal of this highly worthwhile commentary that will absorb both Hitchcock and classic movie fans alike. Find More Posts by brian Screen Muse “Chaos was what killed the dinosaurs, darling” – Heathers. Movies Silently Celebrate Silent Film. Perhaps Ann Todd would be one of Hitchcock’s ‘blondes’ if she were not given such a dull role.

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Send a private message to Oscar Rothman. The screenplay ‘personally’ authored by David O. Anchor Bay is regularly releasing vintage films that look better than comparable titles from the majors.


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The Cinema Monster unparalleled film reviews, news, and top 10s. Whittling down the plot to just under an hour adds a welcome sense of urgency to the tale, an element the film sadly lacks, but the absence of visuals robs the tale of its style and elegance.


Paradine the very first time he sees Mrs Paradine.

Love as Obsession: Reading Alfred Hitchcock’s The Paradine Case – Silhouette Magazine

Great more Hitchcock, even if forkm garbage Hitchcock! Send a private message to KMR. The audio may not call attention to itself, but it seamlessly paradinee into the film’s fabric, which is always a good thing. Page 1 of 3. Savant enjoyed the film as another Hitchcock ‘puzzlement’, even while trying to decide whether or not there was something that was going over my head.

While the trial encompasses half the film, Hitchcock focuses on the cass underpinnings and muddied motivations that drive the major players rather than the facts of the case. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It’s mind blowing that this movie cost more to make than Gone With the Wind! Peck gives a commaning performance as the married barrister who falls in love with his client, who may or may not be a murderess.

Not worthy of a SE in my opinion. The Paradine Case is not the best Alfred Hitchcock movie by a long shot, with its star chemistry and soap opera story that never seem to gel. Selznick subsequently cut the film to minutes, and then to tbe present length of 11 4 minutes, in which Barrymore’s screen time totals about 3 minutes.

The cast, however, is superb. After the film’s premieres, Selznick pulled the film from distribution and re-cut it for general release, bringing it down to minutes, which is currently the length of the ghe on DVD release.