While reading this brief novel, a lot of comparisons came into my head. Guardian News and Media. While The Dig is beautifully written, parts of it are also very difficult to read. The author agreed on the impact of this unconventional device and finished the rest of the book this way, save for one conversation between the protagonist and his mother. I do recommend this to everyone. It’s a tender and brutal story, harsh.

And yet – it holds the power of a horror book, or an intense thriller. The paragraphs are all separated by a few spaces. So you might be forgiven for overlooking a short, gnomic novel set in rural Wales and featuring only two main characters. I defy anyone with an ounce of empathy to read this book without being moved by the depictio With the badger culls still in the news this feels topical, however it isn’t that which makes this such a dramatic and moving book. Jones maakt je als lezer betrokken in het verhaal. The big man, he has no name except this, lives alone and stands outside, antipathetic to the society and people, haunted and uncertain, and in all, but stature, wholly misnamed. Both books were re-released by Granta in Summer , in partnership with Parthian,.

It’s not long, it doesn’t ha A powerful book, with a powerful representation of farming life This book punches you in the midsection. Daniel ist nach dem Tod seiner Frau in einem so tiefen Kummer gefangen, dass er daran zu zerbrechen droht.

At several points Jones also seems to hint, ghe miss, opportunities for exposition on larger societal themes.

Of course that is the difficulty of writing novels, knowing when to slow down, when to speed up, what to say and what dug allow the reader to infer for herself. In an interview with Cynan Jones about The Digthe author spoke about “triggering reactions [in the reader], without being overtly shocking.


They sent the bitch in and Jip came up. I could not recommend it more highly. Brutal, visceral, cynxn devoid of sentimentality, this intertwining tale of a badger baiter and a recently widowed farmer is a bleak and unsparing look at contemporary rural existence.

THE DIG by Cynan Jones | Kirkus Reviews

Want to Read saving…. There is a fair amount of animal cruelty in this novel. Je zintuigen worden geprikkeld, je ruikt de aarde, de honden, de lammeren, de protagonisten, je voelt de pijn, de liefde, de mist, cyhan angst, …. The Dig focuses on two different men – a view spoiler [widowed hide spoiler ] farmer and a badger-baiter.

REVIEW: The Dig by Cynan Jones

This is one of the jons reads I’ve had in a while. I was totally entranced by this book. He is also responsible for ‘The Fart’.

A true pastoral shepherding is a third of the story delivered in sparse elegiac prose. The story is rich and thought-provoking, and explores our relationships with our past, our surroundings, our loved-ones, and the animals we share this life with.

The author agreed on the impact of this unconventional device and finished the rest of the book this way, save for one conversation between the protagonist and his mother. Life and death are neatly juxtaposed as the two narratives both echo and contrast each other. The boy kept looking at the exhausted bleeding stubborn dog. There is a golden thread of truth about the nature of life running through it, which I believe is important for all books!

Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause However, the violence and animal cruelty described in the scenes with the Big Man were so unpleasant and, to my mind at least, so completely unnecessary that they totally coloured my feelings towards the rest of the book. The answer, in both cases, is this: Love loss and tenderness, Pursuit abuse and savagery.


The result is cjnan strong and stark, like the carcass of an animal flayed of meat: InJones made headlines for not punctuating most of the speech in his novel The Dig and a few other short stories. The boy was confused that they ignored pplot thick obvious blood that came out of the Patterdale and spread down its throat.

It’s not long, it doesn’t have a strong hook, but it’s hard to put down and even harder to forget. In my opinion, they are the best writers, story tellers and composers in the Western World. Guardian News and Media. This is such a strange story and with such startling contrasts. Bare bones farming in the cold, and you can feel the British wind stripping your face of warmth. View all 5 comments. At one point, pot we race toward the final scene, Daniel discovers a pregnant sheep dying from her own dead and deformed lamb that cannot be breached naturally.

The writing is pared down, but occasionally lush hence the Cormac McCarthy comparison: It is the simplest of stories, yet to pull it off requires enormous narrative control, as well as the courage not te fill in every last particular. The two lonely cynn live close to each other in remote Wales, and it is clear from the bleak and foreboding beginning of the book that their lives are set on a collision course that cannot possibly end well.

Jones maakt je als lezer betrokken in het verhaal. By doing so, Jones went against a convention that has predominated since at least the late 18th century.