You don’t need glasses to read this at night if you have a corrective RX. Could never get it to work right after that. January 26th, 3. One maybe you already know, one probably you don’t. Get to Know Us. It does what I bought it to do.

Watchuseek recommends Chrono24 , the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. Anyone else could have done so. May 16th, , Is the company still in business? Who wants a happy hour Purple Hooter? I didn’t think this was a big deal.

Skip to main content. Given its intended application, TAWATEC needed to create a fully-submergible, pressure-resistant watch with non-magnetic properties and unwavering time visibility. January 9th, The tritium illumination on the ICS face is so tritum, you could seriously hold it up to a book page and read by it.

Glad to know I am not imagining my issues: I acquiesced reluctantly – why pour good money after bad? Although I haven’t gotten any compliments on this watch, it’s okay — I didn’t buy it as a show piece. MecArmy has made a formidable Titanium Tactical Ring for dudes.

Also, it looks like a number of their watches are now on sale direct from them. Marines don’t have that problem. August 3rd, January 26th, 3. Great bang for the buck.

Replied back asking why not since less than 2yrs ago, no further response. As if the opportunity to wear a segmented steel LED-lit wristband that might make people wonder if you’re under house arrest isn’t reason enough to complete this purchase, the fact that the Iron Samurai also possesses The Recon 6 may be the only useful thing ever to come out of watching reality TV.


For that reason, they faithfully and showily perform their intended function in complete containment, unable to exit the watch’s sealed glass housing. January 26th, 4.

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In military language MK II means the updated version of existing designs. If the gaskets were damaged, the watch would no longer be water resistant. I have been trying to contact them for tawwtec months and have given up My EO diver favorite everyday piece is now a paperweight. April 8th, 8.

Mom, stop trying to guess! Not much confidence in I now though. EOD technicians are highly specialized in blasting, neutralizing, recovering and dismantling sea mines and other ordnances underwater and ashore. To whomever does the packing And red and blue make Inside the shipping box was one small plastic packing pillow.


March 26th, 7. Trigalights are made of thin, luminous coatings applied to a glass surface, and then bombarded with electrons emitted by H3, or tritium gas, which cause the coatings to illuminate. The label was split down the center and I was able to reach into the shipping box and remove the watch box.

It was essentially as if you had put the watch box inside a shoe box with no padding. It keeps good time.

TAWATEC Tactical Tritium Watch |

I initially was impressed by the features advertised, as they appeared to satisfy my needs. Dango’s quest to create enhanced and versatile men’s accessories began in with their series of Dapper and Tactical wallets. The new name in ultra-thin? However, the dopeness that is humankind can produce I’ve been trying to get hold of them for several weeks now.


TAWATEC Tactical Tritium Watch

Long story, but the questions I have are: I did order a strap and they promptly mailed it out. This would have been a five star review if I didn’t run into the ‘support’ problem. May 16th, Share your thoughts with other customers.

I find this to be an exceptionally well made watch unbeatable at this price! See questions and answers. Being shock resistant, all is well. Sell on Local Finds. A watch to take you back in time while keeping you on time. Will supposedly get cashed out if they can’t fix I this 4th time. This is applicable across sellers. Tim Ralston created his utility watch following a conversation he had with friends about being stranded on a remote island. Sad since I loved the watch, but don’t see another alternative.

Now the Dango brand is adding watches – watches with modular enhancements and versatility It’s like you served filet mignon on a dirty paper plate. Recently noticed H3-MIL-Watches selling again on amazon – email asking for an exchange – provided order was told exchange not possible due to “Not a warranty case”.

Diver guarantees for a maximum of legibility at any time of the day.