Then take the 2nd shot before the floating egg does its thing, get the egg a bit closer to the left structure if you can. Ty for such an innovative strategy. Tried all of the strategies above, and countless combinations. After that, the pillar landed on it and scored 3, Also, note the humor: Some debris went left and some right.

It should topple everything. I still think there is another few k available in this level. Maybe hitting the TNT on the far right first with the 2nd yellow bird may have better luck in clearing the level and cracking the safe at the same time with the pillar falling on it with no interference and full force from the right…. Through white bird horizontally, dropping egg in the water and rebounding off the stone on top of the first pillar. Got , by floating the first egg and then dropped the second egg between the structures. I knew I could never do it better than you.

Tapping too late usually resulted in the yellow ignited the TNT before it hit the right-hand boat.

Please add my thanks to Alfredhartojo — the floating egg is just frighteningly addictive. This works better for me than using the second bird in a bloated shot to the triangle that often leaves the middle pig alive. You can go underwater to complete those, but both are set up that you can also avoid the water and complete them more traditionally.

TruckDriverI was just about to post a strat for this episode then noticed that an identical strat had already been posted by yoruichi. That chest is tough to break. All pigs shall be destroyed One chain of the trapeze might survive; nothing of the dock shall remain.


If you cut the rope right above the bolder, you always break the vase, giving you the points. It seems like a 5, pt. He only goes deep enough on the initial belly flop. Strategy wise i followed the video but without boost i managed to get my first to stay on the ledge after i hit the wooden block. Ty for letting others know of your findings: Nice to know someone else is up as late or very early?

After you release the egg just wait with passions the far end will sink. The second shot is a little lucky. Thought this level would be more straightforward, especially with that cool floating egg idea, but took forever to get above average.

I try to knock the block resting on the pillar into the structure so it falls right but takes out some of the debris with it. If on the mark it will be aiming just slightly to the right of the TNT. It pops out of the water before it begins floating.

Level 1-14 (Piglantis)

Here is piglanttis video of my 2 birder. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. And thanks to Slim for posting the video. The key to detonating tnt is in splitting the deck of the left sailboat. No tricks here I think, just clean shots and some luck. It is key to a higher score is to detonate the far-left TNT as the first boat capsizes.

This way there is no debris in the way. I shot the first bird slightly different piglanhis the video on top, taking out more piggies.

I knew I could never do it better than you. Ty foley stop by the Bloated Pig found in forum ill buy you.


Be sure to knock over the column, too, to clear a path for the second shot. And thanks for the video Slim. Any level that only gives you a thousand points on the 1st shot is definately trouble. Ignore my reply above. Using that technique, I managedI decided to post now so I could get my life back! This level is draining all my brain cells. I had a few shots where debris nearly blocked the opening. Gained and extra 10, with this strat. Send the Yellow bird along a similar trajectory, triggering the speed anyry as it approaches the surface to blast through the suspended TNT.

Your so very welcome KathyHUG!! Tried all of the strategies above, and countless combinations.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis 3 Stars Walkthrough

Well I finally broke 70K which was my goal. Then send the other Yellow bird nearly straight up, speeding through the trough left of the central tower to cut the rope holding the right TNT. But when you aim carefully, the chicken hits the leftmost column, making it kill the pig, break the wood and have everything left from the second column fall in the water. One strategy for Piglantis level is to loft the first White bird all the way to bomb the far-right pig.

I used your method, as well as the video method and got similar scores. With luck, the first yb may take out the lot.