In the case of goods or services that are offered for payment, I either pay or do without. Hollywood accounting has been debunked? I’d love to access Hulu and other services in the same way as Americans as well, and even pay a premium to do so, but I’m on the wrong patch of dirt for or so weeks every 2 years although I can happily access is whenever I’ve in the US. So even if I could afford buying every single game in the world it doesn’t matter, I don’t have time to play them so I wouldn’t buy anyway. And they absolutely will not stop until your content is dead. Obvious precision problems with a chainsaw aside And never took any dirty money. I agree with you that shooting handheld with any camera using a phone as a viewer is ludicrous.

Seems a weak excuse to claim that these dinosaurs are the only ones entitled to profit, especially since they’ve had the best part of 2 decades to adapt to reality now and the reason these platforms exist is that they refuse to provide them themselves. The two guys aren’t the problem. Perhaps not, but I wish you’d answer my request for knowing what the fuck you’re blathering on again this time. There’s a huge world out there of opportunity, yet all you care about is pretending it’s and whining about piracy without attempting to service the demand the pirates are happily servicing within the vacuum you’ve insisted on making. Now you get private industry agreements. It’s a great action cam, but personally unless you get the remote and that candy bar attachment , using it as a handheld camcorder with your phone as the viewer is a bit akward because it requires too hands and too much pairing whereas with a camcorder it’s instant on. Anonymous Coward , 9 Sep 2:

It’s your assertion, I’m not doing the legwork for you because you can’t be arsed to back up your own claim. The DNC is live-streaming this year. Stop lying, then maybe you’ll hear the truth.

I read it and noticed it mentioned Sony was a competitor.


Stuff like this is tossing nukes on an inferno. You have dishonored yourself by using others’ concepts without payment in your so-called “free speech”, boy!

Vobile have lost customer for their product though that’s not necessarily a bad thingwhile Who’s producers, Gaiman’s publishers and Hugo’s organisers have possibly lost the revenue they would have gained through the advertising here. Tue, Sep 4th 5: Calling someone ought for foolish extremist views is certainly warranted.

Anonymous Coward4 Sep 3: Because as it stands now, politics is become more of a deries of not who is best, but a case of “any cost” as in “we’re voting for Romney because we can’t allow Obama another term at any cost”, or “we’re voting for Obama because we can’t allow Romney into the oval office at any cost.

The sequence will be replaced by the appropriate extension like flv or mp4.

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And follows it up with, after they’ve checked, “Hello, I’m the Doctor. AndyD profile4 Sep 8: Watch live streaming video from billboard at livestream.

I will agree with this statement. Both parties are involved with the issues at hand. Sometime you think you’re getting it all and end up with nothing. Can you prove any of it at all? What a little pussy. Saw it in the theaters, twice.

You want to be a legitimate consumer, but due to where you live you can’t be and somehow that’s your fault. But basically, regardless, you’re saying the copyright holders can’t make money online, correct?

JMT profile5 Sep 3: Use youtube-dl followed by a video URL or identifier. The pirate sites have ZERO production costs for the product they monetize. I’m surprised that he even has time to write while engaged in his BitCoin scam. Yes, how dare the public use the democratic process to try and influence legislation.

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National Film Board of Canada, nfl. If people spent even half the time finding better alternatives to the current “representatives” as the did “contacting their congresspersons” sutream things would actually improve.


No cobcert is required. Please note that despite your “production costs” whining it’s irrelevant, there are many other ways to monetize, including selling plastic discs for the affectionate fans that most likely are also pirates.

David Hardy5 Sep 8: Then they have the nerve to complain about piracy while not offering legal alternatives to people like yourself. Imagine if the same happened if government was taking down a live news feed.

Anonymous Coward9 Sep 2: I will definitely give both Smith and Gaiman a shot, time and legal availability are my stumbling blocks right now, but I’m sure they will clear in time. Lava Walk Manila Grey. It works on bit and bit Windows.

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These companies are going “above and beyond” because the “fear of Congress” is very real. No, the problem is that there are hstream handful of major corporations that believe that their legally-granted privileges are so much more important than the rights of everyday, law-abiding human beings that they don’t even see let alone care about the deep injustice of their actions.

I’ll be adopting the label then. And they absolutely will not stop until your content is dead.

If you don’t like command line software then get a GUI like youtube-dl-gui. If your business can’t survive that economic reality then it deserves to die. Tx referring to legit services that people don’t find any problem paying for.

Originally Posted by anthonybuchanan. HTML is not supported. Millions of DMCA notices every month, and a few misdirected that get highlighted here with a laser sharpness that blinds you to everything else going on.

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