The film’s narrative is based on the Rashomon effect. Brothers like me are worried about their sisters married and living in this city. Prabhakar, art director recreated the set of Madurai villages in Chennai. Annavaram settles all the issues amicably, wait, l’ll call him. Won’t that be enough for a week’s stay? Lakshmi in CK Patti and to practice agriculture. You’re his sister so you get phone calls, why would botherto call me? His support to his uncle Kothala in his clash against Nallama Naicker Napoleon brings about a bonding between the two, as Naicker killed Kothala’s father in a melee caused during a peace meeting between Thavasi and Kothala’s father.

Here, Kothala stops and says that God has given justice, but Virumaandi is still angry. You are the first person who wished a happy life for my sister. He instantly falls in love with her. Kothala had a silent eye on the fertile land owned by Virumaandi, as it had the only rich underground water availability. So, he couldn’t make it to this marriage. A clash at the peace Panchayat insults Kothala’s gang, and their need for revenge infuriates Annalakshmi, who asks Virumaandi to apologize to the elders whom he insulted.

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Peykkaman also reveals that Virumaandi never killed onoine, but his charge sheet got him a death sentence. Kodanda Knline Pasupathi and Nagama Naidu Napoleon are landlords in that village who eye the fertile land of Pothuraju.

Kothala and his gang forcibly get her married again, to Kothala’s nephew Kottaisamy O. Cancel our bus tickets. Its not mandatory to enter any of these fields, just click submit. The film was certified “A” by Censor Board for excessive violence. He instantly falls in love with her. You are the first person who wished a happy life for my sister. This film acquired cult status in Tamil cinema and inspired similar themes.


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The criminals express how they feel about the direction that their lives have taken and how they have ended up where they are. Why are you staring at me? But l could do nothing. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. Prostitution has been going on here forthe past 10 years. It was dubbed into Telugu as Pothuraju. You don’t worry about your sister, aren’t we here to support her? She was wearing white top and blue jeans while going to college.

What will you do? A clash between Virumaandi and Kothala takes place in which six henchmen are killed.

Sify called it “vital, sardonic and disturbing brave attempt at good cinema with a provocative message. Unable to tolerate, Annalakshmi commits suicide by hanging herself. The film was launched on 18 April under the title “Sandiyar” at Madurai, however the title was later changed. He smeared his face with sandalwood paste and performed this dance of death. Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: Virumaandi goes to Naicker’s village alone to take revenge at night, and Kothala’s gang is forced to save him, where 24 lives are taken.


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The film revolves around the controversy of the death penalty. Virumaandi, on TV, pleas for a quick judgement, either to reach Annalakshmi by hanging to death or to live life as a silent man, seeking retribution. An assassination attempt on Virumaandi is blamed on Naicker, and in the ensuing peace meeting of eight villages, Virumaandi’s gang is verbally humiliated.

He tells his version of the story that led to his conviction. Virumaandi is a Indian Tamil language action drama film written, co-edited, produced, and directed by Kamal Haasanwho also performed in the title role. Virumaandi lost his mother when he was pothhuraju.

Your account stands now at Rs. Annalakshmi asks him to marry her and leave the village. Annavaram settles all the issues amicably, wait, l’ll call him. The film received positive reviews from critics who praised the screenplay and performances of the cast however criticized the film for its excessive violence.