Push it up, around the huge sphere, and then down through the gate at the far right. Here they are for reference click to enlarge:. An adventure to sink your teeth into. Check out our Island Help page! There are passages to the left and right, blocked by more of the tubes. Travel in that direction again. Boy I hope you all like it because it took a lot of hard work to make these pictures xD.

It won’t come out while you’re visible, though. Now go to the bottom left of the area and go down, back to the main area. Omg Thank you so much! Head back up a short ways to find a red fish swimming around. You will see a bunch of huge fish trapped in the tanks. The purple one is your target, but as you get near, it swims to other bits of coral. You will have to get through a series of gates in this next part.

This time, you want to “go right” and explore the passage to the right side of the chamber. If you try to position yourself there, you’ll find you can’t yet use the groove for anything, but atpantis its location in mind. Press the red switch again, then push the disk down the open doorway.

Push the red fish into the plant at the bottom of the triangle. There is also a huge orange-red atlantiw door with three sea animals carved into it Each room has one of those animals. Go down and click on the next bubble jet to do it again.

If you drift directly down, you will find an artifact stuck in one such bit of translucent piping. Shark Boy… is now Shark Guy? Go back to the green button and summon another green disk. The purple cuttle fish only shows up in the red seaweed. Both are following you now. This time, you’ll want to tend to the puzzle, which requires you to lure electric jellyfish so they power the circular panels around the room.


To me I needed I full hour to concentrate on this. It is your duty to push this green power disk to where it goes into — elsewhere in that certain area.

Mission Atlantis Island Cheats & Walkthrough |

Go down and right, to the next area. Hopefully whatever is on the other side is friendly…. Hobble over to the right, and Gates will open and close regularly, so you don’t have to worry about flipping switches.

Go to the top-right and you’ll see a red button there. The final episode on episdoe island begins as you arrive within the building, which the game identifies as the undersea city of Atlantis.

Mission Atlantis Island Cheats – Episode 3 – Out of the Blue

This activates emergency power. Who is that transmission walithrough There are five layers of ring you can click to spin circles at the center of the circle.

Press it to get another disc, then go back the way you just came.

Mission Atlantis Island Guide

Use the railing to jump to the platform above him, and click on mizsion bucket. Congratulations, you have completed Mission Atlantis: Get the orange fish to follow you down where the angler fish is. Push it up, through the door by the switch. Be careful not to get too close to the jellyfish or they will sting you! I just want to know part: In episode miission of Mission Atlantis Island, you found an amazing looking fortress at the bottom of the ocean.


Go up and press the red switch to open the other walkthroubh, and leave. But there’s a few things wrong: To open a door, you have to power the purple circle that’s connected to it by a red wire.

Although the hydromedusa challenge was really frustrating. Go up and around the large sphere, then go right to the switch.

Go through the entrance to your right to get to the next area. There is a green button along the bottom. Push it left through the opening you created by pressing the button, then up so that it rests a short distance to the right of said button. Push it into the disc reader — more purple images! When you reach the absolute bottom of the area, go to the red tank in the center.

But a stunning discovery leads you to a brand new mission! This will unlock the gates. Circles on the lines are where you start, triangles are where you stop. Meanwhile, back on the S. Throughout the rooms of the fortress, you can take pictures of six alien glyphs.

Mission Atlantis Poptropica Cheats – Poptrickia

To solve the puzzle in this chamber, you first need to discover that you can click on the red, elbow-shaped pipes to rotate them. To capture it in action, you must get tricky. Now head left and leave this section the way you came on.