The Commission has launched an evaluation process of this EU Strategy and the final evaluation report will be available in the first half of Azione dell’UE in materia di cambiamenti climatici mondiali. Regarding cephalopods there has, so far, been no interest shown by the Member States for receiving fishing opportunities in the new Protocol. Major improvements were made so far sanitary and phytosanitary measures, intellectual property rights, technical barriers to trade , aimed mostly at acceleration of administrative procedures for businesses. Era chiaro che a un certo momento si era scantato di cadiri di sutta o aviva avuto un momento di virtigine e aviva preferito risalire. Odgovor visoke predstavnice in podpredsednice Komisije Catherine Ashton v imenu Komisije.

Di economia non ne capisco. This decision was taken in order to promote competition between companies within the territory of the Union. In light of this suggestion, how does the Commission intend to address the issue of hate crimes, and does it anticipate initiating legislation in line with this suggestion? E per affetto torna alle origini, all’inizio del rapporto con il suo commissario. Income tax rates and social security contributions should be cut, particularly in the case of the lowest wage earners. Dall’antologia di racconti dedicati a Collura, “Le inchieste del commissario Collura”, furono tratte addiritura delle opere liriche. E qualche tentazione d’ingratitudine dispettosa ce l’ha.

Insolvencies in the print media sector. Con il mio lavoro di segretaria scolastica ho tirato avanti fino alla pensione. NdCFC ], logico che, poi, da democristiano [ Sic!

One of its work packages will identify possibilities for the health sector to support the promotion of mental health at workplaces. Individual cases of alleged tax avoidance and abuse are dealt with by national tax authorities, and the Commission has no powers in this area. How has Greece performed in this area and what amount of ESF resources for the country is still available to address the huge problem of youth unemployment?

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Farne un film avrebbe avuto costi hollywoodiani. Tornando in piazza ad attaccare assenti, dal presidente della Repubblica al Papa con insulti innominabili, i picchiatori sono riusciti a scandalizzare anche i loro sostenitori. Pentito di Grillo, della Guzzanti, di Travaglio ma non di se stesso e delle ingiurie indirizzate non a Berlusconi, ma alla letteratura.


Camilleri, in versi, accenna alle “sgualdrinelle che confortano le sue notti” e pizzica appena il Vaticano che lo ha invitato: Imports of contaminated citrus fruit from South Africa.

Si tratta degli oggetti di artiglieria che nei secoli scorsi vennero scippati alla Torre di Carlo V e utilizzati addirittura come bitte per l’ancoraggio delle barche. The Commission understands the importance of the structural reform of the coal industry in Hungary. In the past the Dutch authorities have granted permits on a regular basis for capturing and killing geese in order to prevent serious damages to crops or in the interest of public health and safety.

Does the Commission consider that EU companies are afforded protection by the context in which trade takes place?

The drug has proved effective in significantly reducing the risk of stroke, embolism and haemorrhage and in reducing deaths from all causes. L’associazione intende rispondere al bisogno di “luoghi di elaborazione dove i cittadini possano dare un contributo alla politica”. As to the specific case regarding the execution of Hashem Shaabani Nejad and Hadi Rashedi, both members of the Arab Ahwazi minority in Iran, there can be no justification for their activities to promote the understanding of their culture having resulted in a death penalty, and their execution.

Answer to the letter sent to the Commission with regard to the Castor Project.

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As Commission Recommendations are treated in many Member States as quasi-legislation, these flaws need to be corrected. If legislation on the convergence of fiscal policies were to be introduced, would the Council be prepared to move in this direction? The EU hopes that the commitments made by the new Iranian Government to improve the human rights situation in Iran will soon materialise.

E nonj impegna molto i lettori. E quelli da affrontare? Has the Bulgarian Government informed the Commission as to when it will take proper measures to prevent the ambient air pollution in Plovdiv from damaging the health of the people living there?


Is the European market sufficiently well protected against imports of hazardous toys? Visa-free travel and the situation on the Serbian-Hungarian border. Infringement in Spain of the right of all citizens to an effective remedy. The directive further states that audiovisual commercial communications for alcohol cannot target specifically minors. Ho avuto un Premio Boccaccio per una mia novella tutta apocrifa Seventh Framework Programme — Funds used in the municipality of Altino.

It is one of the heart diseases with the greatest risk of systemic thromboembolism and stroke, which is the most common and dramatic embolic manifestation associated with this form of arrhythmia: While the competence for housing market policies lies with the Member States, there are nevertheless implications of housing markets with a community relevance: Per una volta ha ragione Berlusconi: Unresolved issues with serious implications for frontier workers.

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Income tax rates and social security contributions should be cut, particularly in the case of the lowest wage earners. E’ stata relegata ai libri anfora l’infanzia, infatti, la scelta editoriale di caratteri a grandezza tale da poter essere decifrati e letti facilmente.

How it intends to help Ukraine to make institutional reforms and ensure that free and fair elections may be held? This decision was taken in order to promote competition between companies within the territory of the Union.

Se perdi, perdi poco. Minors may be sentenced to death for certain crimes, but the authorities detain them until they reach the age 18 in order to execute them legally.

Members of the public have joined animal welfare groups and NGOs in condemning this campaign.