Not that our main couple has to suddenly throw down and consummate in the next episode, but now that Hwon is in the loop wouldn’t he want to do something about it? I could see that in this episode, the skin on her face is turning a little bad. Yay good episodes are back again! If I didn’t have other characters that I enjoy more, I would be pissed that so little time was used to make me really want to root for this couple as adults. Han Ga In Main Cast. Did that woman recover her memory, or does she still not know who she is? I know I found their scenes more interesting to watch than the cranky King and meek Wol scenes.

MeOnly February 24, at 5: I hope that the actors will get some rest, but it seems like the system is really pushing them to shoot and shoot. Grandma knows that the crown princess likes Yeom, hence uses that to lure MW to stand there and witness the whole killing process. Love it that Bo Kyung is going nuts! A Werewolf Boy Korean Movie. Thank you for the recap! Moon Embracing the Sun Korean Drama.

Yang-myung declares that he is prepared to give up his royal status to be with Wol — can Hwon do the same?

Episode 17

Volcano High Korean Movie. Like Wol’s birth mark on her nose.


I think Yang Myung and Hyon share the same father but different mothers. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Oh gosh I love her. Now that they realize that Wol is YW, things will be even more complicated and dangerous. Hyon’s mother is the empress, while Yang Myung’s mother is a royal consort. Now I can su.

I also feel that it’s young Yang-myung pretty much blaming everything now on Kimfhidrama of how he can’t have stuff like the crown, being loved by his father, Wol, etc. The child actors are incredible! And it’s a one-two punch since KMS is soooo good at portraying her Even as short as a few days could make a big difference.

Where Hwon cannot adjust his feeling is it love or he just see YW in Wol. By sugarplum Started April 27, I just read Han Ga-in’s recent interview where she mentioned how she doesn’t have much time to take care of herself, due to this drama’s heavy shooting schedule.

Count me in on the KMS train. Just that one step doesn’t give her anything she wants.

And yet he’s emotionally somewhere else, with Wol. The story is too simple to sustain a drama of 20 eps. It mooon supposed to be Hwon not Hyon I am so interested in this drama, I’ve watched the episodes at least twice and I constantly reread the recaps. A hurried burial without shrouding the body. Thanks for the reacap! Maybe its a good thing because it was getting a bit unhealthy having to wake up early just to watch it live lol.



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Wol was so calm and now I love her deadly revengeish war. Only registered users can add comments.

So many people are siding with Yang-myung but truthfully I still feel nothing for him. Hajimari no Uta Japanese Special. As JB pointed out, ” Brenda February 23, at 9: Thanks Javabeans for your obsession mooj Seriously The jimchidrama romantic moment was when they were still kids, what the hell show?? I feel sorry for all of the actors and I hope they take some time to rest and get pampered before they begin their next projects. Or, better yet, proactive. A lot less burden definitely makes YM “freer” than the king.

Bae Noo Ri Supporting Cast. Nail Shop Paris Korean Drama.