If it’s like Cromartie but with cute girls, I’m sold. I’ve never finished it, but I’ve started it, like, three times. Though I have to wonder where this puts series like Free! He don’t give a fuck. That was the end of the season? Oops, brain fart there. Also been watching Upotte. The first series is pretty cool, and has rather old-school animation.

Please don’t tell me I am the only here and hiryu that watch gundam and other mech anime? Auf die anderen hab ich mich sehr gefreut, besonders miyako: I would say it’s in the same genre as Gurren Lagann of dumb and awesome, but it’s nowhere near as awesome as Gurren Lagann to be even compared to it. They kept talking about their eating habits. Boomstick on December 16, , Watched episode 2 of the new season of Baka to Test, and I was killing myself laughing, it was fucking awesome! Some of the best shit ever, and episode 26, one of the best episodes there is.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. To anilinjz it’s the best thing I’ve watched as of late is like saying it’s the only good thing I watched as of late. I am a bit of a sucker for cheese, ham and sheer stupidity in comedies. It’s kind of like “Iron Man”, but with several hot babes in armor instead of one scruffy guy.


HK on September 12, Shit, school have been eating me. I haven’t really been watching much anime lately though. Lucky Star It’s no story-based anime, full of action or whatever. And if u confess, God that nervousness and scariness of him rejecting u. Very heavy drinking, actually.

Bitches and his exploits with some dames. Do mind that I love Black Lagoon and would not place it, like and recommended in the same sentence unless I really mean it.

epiosde Only magical girl you’ll get me to watch is Dai Mahou Touge sadistic parody and Magical girl Lyrical Mwyo can u say Oops, brain fart there.

I don’t know if I should watch End of Evangelion, or whatever that’s called, the remake of the last 2 episodes. Ralion on December 28, I liked “X” and also “3×3 eyes” and “Shadow Skill” Title: I’m still waiting for Black Lagoon season 3 to come to the states The other one looks familiar and the last is a bishounen so he’s got a third of the female votes already.

It’s remaining faithful enough to the game but speeds through some of the social links and melds them with some of the mandatory in-game events. I’ll probably watch another fpisode or two of Freezing before I decide if I’ll stall on it or continue on.



Honey and Clover wasn’t what I expected. Space wise and episode wise? The Ameri song Tsundere Ameri.

And Iron Man, if I have enough time. I suppose it was created by someone who seems to hate the Church. I’ve seen things about it and it sounds insane, so I might give it a watch.

Mayo chiki episode 1 english sub anilinkz

I’ll have to get the rest off Netflix or something. But theres a Child Soldier named Aniliniz, a chick named Valmet Watch the series, at least to ep 12 before wathing that OVA. It’s made of awesome and win. Diabolik Lovers, easily the most god-awful shit of the year. That’s why caring for someone would only bring trouble.

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Well, if you consider every guy smacking chicks every 2 pages dark, then it’s dark. TheLastOutlaw on January 23, Ameri’s so tough that he criticized an Insane Asylum and was promptly let out.

I have not been able to find anyone who knows.