Not horrible, but not great by any means. I bought it to pair it with my Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier head. I agree with the guy above. Are you buying it as an improvement? Proud to be an ASH Soul Jan 24, Messages:

I just figured it would be a good start for gigging. Join the HC Newsletter. While it is nice to have a few different effects built into an amp, most of the effects on this are inadequate for me. View the Media Kit. I’m sure if most gigs mic my amp, it will be perfectly adequate. However, it has also highlighted that we need some community input into what is working and what is not working for members here. You have to decide what you want an amp for Show More Show Less.

Show More Show Less. The worksmanship of the head is great. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. At the time it worked fine for what I hewd it to, but moving forward it became less and less of a viable option because the sound quality just isn’t all that great.

MG are supposed to get you started, like a gateway drug for Marshalls! This item doesn’t belong on this page. This thing has enough power to blow the windows out of the house! Perhaps its worth some of you guys who have gigged these to chip in with your thoughts.

After a few days it started making a buzzing sound from the fan. SOUNDS In my opinion this amp if it does not add a good distortion or multi-effect is very good for blues rock and blues rhythms.


Dec 7, Messages: SO there is more money that you’ll have to shell out. I was skeptical until I played through it.

All user reviews for the Marshall MG100HDFX

Now here’s the dirty about the hdfc channel. I met with some potential bandmates tonight at their rehearsal space. I do not like: It’s alright I owned one, and decided not to replace it with another MG.

I was looking for a powerfull Head that could deliver “the 1000 Sound” without having to sell my car. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Good things come to those who wait I would not recommend this version of the series of amps from Marshall. Marshalls amp head I love the effects, digital as they are in this wounderful and powerful amp head.

Marshall Amp Head MG Series 100 HDFX W/pedal Ex. Fan Cooled

Well it is a Marshall, after all It is nice and loud, excellent clean tones and the overdrive is great, too. Marshall Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers. The od 2 Sounds way too garish for my taste even tampering with the knobs.

My Mosfet Lead shits headd it. The MG series isn’t one of them. The added FDD switch adds a bit of beef to the distortion tone for this amp.

All in all if you like your amp, then other peoples oppinion should not bother you cheers. I’m sure if most gigs mic my amp, it hhdfx be perfectly adequate.

But if you want to play arpeggios or anything it’ll sound dull and droning. I will not hdcx however about its ability to combine the effects; offering both a clean, clean rock which is quite loudand an overdrive channel all linked over to the effects. They are good for what they do.


Check out Dave Simpson on YouTube I quickly discovered that that makes playing a whole lot more fun and sound a whole lot better. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

That is a fact, not a knock on your amp. Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar. It is great, yes it has the Marshall sound or tone,if you prefer, and the it’s features all work well. I bought it to pair it marshal my Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier head. The reason most people who have played tube amps don’t care for any SS amp no matter how good it sounds is that you don’t get the great dynamics that tube amps are known for.

I saw this guitar hefx many magazines and websites.

Marshall MG HDFX |

I know that there are the tube purists out there but I marsyall had the lower end tube amps like the new class 5 seires and they are nothing special. Some would say that this amp is really bad and it is better to spend its way. The other guys liked it as well. John D and Paulie C like this. So my opinion is probably perspective.