They are looking for mistakes, chinks in the armor, to cut their query stack down by one. Apr 18, Davina rated it really liked it Shelves: Sal and Reno had me laughing out loud. Left foot clipped into my pedal—knee bouncing up and down—and right foot planted firmly on the grass, I sit on the top tube of my bike and wait behind the yellow caution tape that marks the boundary of the cyclo-cross course. The action scenes seemed a bit too over the top the way it was written. For that group, a novel is more than 40K words, a Novella is It has to do with all the descriptions and world-building in the writing.

However, I did enjoy their story and look forward to seeing more of them. So to the government, Carly is just a list of lovers that Trevor has and it is safer that way but now that a hit he was called to do goes wrong and he discovers he has been set up, the race is on to keep Carly safe from all harm. Carly worries when Trevor has to go out of town on one of his assignments, she worries that he may not make it back to her alive, but when the heart beats for no other than him, it is a chance she is all to willing to take. Jun 26, Rosalyn Ellis rated it it was amazing. And if you adopt the mentality that your book has to be long, then you are giving them ammunition to reject you. I feel your sentiment as I used to feel this way as well.


This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. I love this book! Agents have so many queries that they are looking for reasons to say no.

Alex is a hot mess. What about a fantasy YA? Some stories offer thhriller immersion, and are not meant to be quick reads. Unsurprisingly, the rights for its inevitable movie adaptation have already been bought outright, courtesy of Scott Rudin the power producer of The Social Network and No Country for Old Menamong many otherswith a screenplay underway by Tracy Letts, he of the Tony-topping August: The answer is simple though.

The cover makes her look like a hot mess. You must be logged in to post a comment.

SvS 10: The Gemini Curse – YA Speculative Thriller

OK, so why the nom de plume? However what is the appropiate word count for upper middle grades sci fi fantasy?

Mick the Tick and Sal are still my favorite!! This book had it all, romance, drama,suspense, action Is it best to query all your target agents at once?

Trevor and Carli’s love for each other has grown to the point now that they cannot hide it any more. Learn how your comment data is processed. When asked about the genesis for his screwy, well-sculpted story, Mallory has quite the story-behind-the-story. Just starting out as a writer? What I need to know is, Is do I follow the word count guide lines for fantasy or do I follow the word guide lines for young adult?

But when his beloved, Carly Sinatra, finds herself in trouble, his actions speak for him.


Trevor Reese: His Secret Love by Mallory Monroe

This is my first book, so I am rather naive about the publishing thing. Well Until My Next Review But he told me there are different levels of bipolar. Never thought anyone could out do Mick The Tick.

That said, try to keep it in the ideal range. Scholastic had it categorized as MG in a contest they had. See a collection of great writing advice for beginners. To be a published author is one of the hardest thrillee someone can do. It is not a quest for them, it is just a job.

While reading this, I recalled my high school senior year english prof.

Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books: The Definitive Post

What writers fail to see is that for every successful exception to the rule e. Refresh and try again.

Now, to the topic at hand. To save each other, the twins must break the curse. Open Preview See a Problem? I’m glad to be on this new journey. Tracy Winkle rated it really liked it Apr 08, Your age has nothing to do with how good a book is. I started this novel not knowing it was a novel before going in lol….