I think the show has gotten better as the seasons go by. Lift a card off someone. Although some may say it will change the dynamic of the show, I believe differently. I ate the damn sandwich fo’ sho’. You could get this company sued! They just had on a Leverage marathon on some channel!

BTW, I adored the second episode too. Scrolling, scrolling… there was Eliot, camera nine, going toward the vault. But if Sterling’s satisfied, Nate and Sophie aren’t convinced. I loved the way they just clicked then she grew to count on him and it was so sweet. Hell, Nate did know that, which meant he was probably worried. All the same, Sophie stole a small piece of lamb off his plate.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. She did not hear the other word that I did not say. He returns to the estate, and confronts the real killer — the tycoon’s son.

But I think its their uniqueness that makes them so much more adorable together. They called the state police. Jul 16, After a tense sequence in which Parker rides atop the racing subway train and lowers herself into the car, she comes face to face with Dr.

We had an attempted break-in to our vault. Not that Hardison would say as much to him. That has been brewing since season one and to me it was more or less inevitable. Just as Eliot finished plating their food, something with lamb, pine nuts, apples, and a salad with noodles and micro greens, Sophie and Nate walked into the room.

If not, oh well I have my dvds to revisit over and over again. He managed to push himself to his feet and stagger to the refrigerator, pulling out a bottle. No Archive Warnings Apply Categories: He can throw down. I ate the damn sandwich fo’ sho’. Hardison made a grab for his plate before it could be stolen; Parker hoarded hers; and Eliot glared as he finished cleaning up. You could get this company sued! None of him looked old then.


Hardison, tap into the security channel. You can find out all their patterns and habits, and we can find out about their other ethical violations. So he was in a basement, cuffed to a table, two Norwegians— Norwegianswho would have thought they would be hardasses like this? At the start, Nate’s looking forward to having some alone time with Sophie. But they’re not done yet. I just need to wash up.

Together, she and Nate check the paint and find out that the tycoon’s collection is filled with forgeries. All the same, Sophie stole a small piece of lamb off his plate. Please consider turning it on! Sep 16, It seems to be out of a bad film. Eliot, Hardison and Parker track the doctor to the D. I’d love to see more of Hardison and Parker. Now they would do my heart good if kiss brought in a sister girl for him to love. I hope, hope, hope Leverage gets renewed next year.

If he wasn’t gonna beat my ass I’d go thank him.

‘Leverage’ ends summer season with two bang-up episodes

These bullet wounds don’t seem to slow him down. She’s waxing on about what a lovely case it was, with “art theft, chases, dresses and tuxedos.

I treasure that every day. Sep 11, On his other side, Parker stabbed a forkful of salad, humming very quietly as she ate.


While we’ve done our best kiws make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Kane was at his set-jaw, fist-pumping best. Group Home Bookshelf Discussions. All fields are required. Hardison -both the character and the actor who plays him- are amazing in the variety of disguises he can do.

‘Leverage’ ends summer season with two bang-up episodes –

I think the show has gotten better as the seasons go by. She keeps saying, “Take me at my word,” and don’t be so untrusting. And so he intends to stage the attack to prove his point, in deadly fashion.

As soon as Eliot and Nate carried Parker, her arms over their shoulders and the two of them supporting her, Hardison tracked them on the cameras down the elevator, through the lobby, and out the front door. Hardison thought that was pretty unnecessary. Sterling finally relents enough to let Nate and Sophie join in on the investigation, which leads through various suspects to a discovery of the painting, hidden in the room of the late tycoon’s manservant. I wish I could have a Hardison. Did you watch the finale?

And Riesgraf seemed happy to again show off Parker’s distinctive skills, from agility to light-fingered deftness. She poked it again, more gently.