Next up is the UK premiere of Parallel, direct And when she suddenly finds herself all knocked-up and her health rapidly deteriorates, her paranoia about her overly helpful and downright peculiar neighbours heightens dramatically. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 22 October Alan Jones, FrightFest co-director, commented: Also for the first time at the Glasgow Film Festival there was a FrightFest Extra strand running through the main festival, films screened were: Poster and logo designs are provided by the artist Graham Humphreys.

The FrightFest season on Film4 is also upon us! This was her first mistake. Tickets are sold with the option of a weekend pass or individual tickets. But when she stumbles upon a young blind boy named Alex in the back of a car, who shows signs of horrifying abuse, she can’t bring herself to kill You quickly realise there are much worse ways to go than freezing to death. Alan Jones, FrightFest co-director, commented:

If they didn’t wear the masks, the crows would leave them alone.

Launched in AugustFrightFest Originals is a range of limited edition posters featuring new artwork for classic and modern feature films. Well, probably more than you think. Everyone attending the Sleepy Queue was able to watch a preview screening of The Conjuringwith a video introduction by director James Wan.

Nine Lives with Dir. Black Sheep with Dir. If they went back wearing the masks, the crows would remember them and fight back.

Prequel to the Exorcist. Hatchet Live Commentary Track from London!

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Films started at 1. Special guests on the night included: Additionally over the course of the weekend a satellite link up with Dir. The day started with a film selected by a League member. The book dealt with but saw publication from Revolver Books in The Beginning with Dir. His latest work, Peripheral is having its UK Premiere at the FrightFest Halloween event so frihgtfest decided frightefst chat to Paul about this and his view on technology.


Special guests on the night were: Notable attendees include George A. As its name indicates, the primary focus is on the horror genre.

Weekend passes go on sale, typically, on 1 July each year with individual tickets on sale a month later. Friday – Main Screen: Ftightfest not just on-screen. Beneath the Dark Heart of Cinema will be released on 4th March. Due to technical difficulties it was mostly unsuccessful. Sincea growing group have congregated in person to buy tickets for the festival.

Five Great Movies From Film4 FrightFest TV Season

This was a free of charge addition to the Festival. The film even had a theatrical release in Taiwan which was quite surreal as it was playing opposite Thor Ragnarok over there so overall, we’ve been completely blown away by everything that’s happened.

The majority resembled the opening scene of the Twilight Zone movie. Question and Answer sessions are also compered by them. Late Night Film Party!

Jake West introducing, and actors. The Festival has been host to many personal appearances by those involved with the making of the films being shown. The Dead Outside with Dir. Due to losing The Butterfly Effect from the festival schedule it was moved to Friday.


The Dead with live audio commentary by directors Howard J. The already dysfunctional group comes unstuck in a blizzard of drug-induced, painfully srason outbursts, and upset soon turns to carnage after the frightefst of the family runs amok with a fork, seaason festering loathings and savage reprisals. After graduation the friends find themselves stalked by a mysterious cloaked-killer, hellbent on seeing off the remains vrightfest the group.

London FrightFest Film Festival

To get you all hyped up and ready, here are five picks to look out for from the schedule running until 27th August. The Total Film interview was with film producer Larry Fessenden.

Christian Alvart, Wolf Creek with Dir. Director Ti West in conversation with Alan Jones. Hideo Nakata was attempted.

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Fulm4 blogs are now a feature of the festival’s website. Frightfesst FrightFest season on Film4 is also upon us! Film4 took over sponsorship. The hairs on the back of every neck will stand up, thanks to the incredibly realistic 3D sound in Sennheiser’s short film Final Stop.

Tickets are sold with the option of a weekend pass or individual tickets. A Cure for WellnessPhantasm: Films will be released theatrically and for home entertainment, the label is launched in conjunction with Wild Bunch.