Not to be a complete pessimist, but was just curious because I had your idea of making a short based off a feature and was talked out of it by producers who said if the short doesn’t work, kiss the feature good bye. Skip to main content. Tune for Two – https: What do you guys think about good storytelling in the short film format? You may have a look at the trailer if you’re interested:. The guy raises a lot of important points.

Has anyone else gone this route? Well, there’s the excepetion that is Sundance, and yes, you should pay that entry fee no matter what. It’s a great experience. How did you get invited to the Vermont Festival? Two of my film’s actors got nominated for the Young Artist Awards for their performances in my film and I’ve barely heard any negative feedback from anyone I’ve shown the film to and the film is even streaming on a major Hollywood producer’s website. I’m still curious to hear from Koo, what happens if the short doesn’t turn out well? Simple as that really.

The prizes that you can win in any European Film or shortfilm Festival are as good or better than in the US. When it comes to a short, you’re not making a feature, you don’t have that kind of luxury. IMO one of the best rilm they’ve had and an example of what I mean.

It’s a perilous journey. Many, many film festivals will only accept content through WithoutABox, and I don’t down-sample my 4K timelapse work to the pixels that will fit onto the DVD format.

The grammar and structure of shortfilm’s story telling is not the same as in features I didn’t realize what a big deal it was to have my film invited to the Vermont Film Festival, otherwise I would have made a grand effort to attend in person.


Why Short Films Are Rejected from Festivals and Reasons You Should Make a Short Before a Feature

I would think that films with bad sound kinda like in these videos would enblica raise a flag. I’m still curious to hear from Koo, what happens if the short doesn’t turn out well?

How many fests do that? It sounds obvious, but staying true to the story in something as brief as 5 minutes is extremely difficult, especially when there’s an industry notion that a short should be a filmmaker’s calling card.

Poo Chathichu Machane – New Malayalam Short Film

My philosophy now is to only care about a film festival if my film has been invited. If you’re not willing to look for a distribution company, you also have websites like Shortfilmdepot or Festhome that allow you to check deadlines from festivals all around the world and submit your film for bucks much better than 50, don’t you think?

It’s better to make 4 shortfilms with different styles than one with the 4 of them. Aren’t they charging admission at the door?

Voice Over – https: It didn’t seem like it from the screening I went to at least. I’ve actually been told by past festival runners that they prefer films that are short – if you’re pushing 12 minutes or more, they’re less likely to take them on because: You may have a look at the trailer if you’re interested:.

Well, I don’t know how Film Courage exactly works, but normally each film dhort has a particular style they like more or less.

Leave this field blank. Why should I even bother submitting to film festivals anymore, when they so clearly resent my efforts to share my work?

That said emboica the reason most film makes submit their film to festivals is to get it seen in hopes to receive exposure or recognition? For credits if they’re required by contractput them on the paper label attached to the outside of the protective case. Without getting into spoilers, the most compelling parts were two people talking.


You finished your short film and it’s the perfect calling card.

This thing should be the other way ’round. Not a bad thing at all, except that for shortfilms, if you have to pay 50 dollars for an unknown festival just to watch your film, that means that you’re need more than 3.

I personally have performed in some films shorts included that I never saw or they never got seen outside my local area. Start fast, build, keep it severely focused and end with a nail-biting teaser. fklm

Why Short Films Are Rejected from Festivals and Reasons You Should Make a Short Before a Feature

In case you’re now racked with self-doubt about whether your recently-made-short has gone astray, I made this handy-dandy litmus test of festival potential based on Sol’s comments. I hope this helps, at least a little bit, to all those who emlbica to get their shorts showcased at Film Festivals.

If you’ve ever been rejected from the festival, you receive an email explaining and asking you if you’re interested in showing your work at a later date. Wait, so they’re charging the filmmakers and the audience? You may have a teawer at the trailer if you’re interested: As for budget, ensure a fair amount is spent on quality editing.

I’ve been in the Shortfilm Festival Circuit for the last 2 years.