PV English dub version play More videos Edit Synopsis In a post-apocalyptic world overrun with mutated beasts called Limbeekoon or Filth Monsters, humanity is forced to live in large mobile cities called Regios and learn to use special weapons called Dite, by harnessing the power of Kei to defend themselves. Alsheyra has Savalis escort Leerin to Zuellni and investigate on the recent containmoid attacks there. Savaris, identifying the human contaminoid as Gahard, harshly defeats him. Luckily, Ailain is able to eradicate them all. Layfon is sent a message regarding the conditions to get Felli back. As the crew later sits down for dinner, Nina scolds Layfon for sharing sandwiches with her that were originally made by Mayshen.

Afterwards, Layfon meets Felli Loss , another member of the 17th Platoon who sent Layfon the telepathic message earlier. Naruki drags Layfon to a crime scene where they have people using overload cornered in a garage. Chrome Shelled Regios Season 2? Layfon accompanies Felli where he finally sees her smile but gets kicked by her for seeing it. Layfon, finding Nina in the outskirts of the city, sees her fully possessed and wearing a large goat mask. While Layfon decides to help Mayshen in the kitchen, both Nina and Felli spy on them. In the flashback, after Zidd engulfs Ailain, he then moves on to face Saya. Nina makes her way outside of the city, uncertain of what Gandoweria means to make her do.

Retrieved January 24, A mysterious stranger, later recognized as Dickserio Muscaine appears, transporting them along with Nina to an alternate dimension. At his spa resort, Kalian is recuperating from fainting earlier while on duty.

Haia wants to know if Gorneo has information about the Fallen One. Put on the Maid Outfit! Felli decides just to put it curome his bag in the locker room, but instead it is found by Nina, who finally delivers the letter to him herself.

She accidentally thrusts it into the selenium reactor, causing an explosion.

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Dickserio drops in and defeats the Wolfmask Mob surrounding Nina. His harsh comments and pointed remarks about Gorneo’s own mediocrity angers Shante, and he leaves Gorneo loudly weeping for Gahard’s demise.

Layfon sends Leerin a letter indicating that he will return to Glendan one day very soon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A third manga adaptation drawn by Watari is serialized in Beans Ace magazine.

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Nina heads toward the area to witness the fight while Felli manages to break free. Nina figures out that the Fallen One is showing a projection of Dinn’s consciousness. As the other Heaven’s Blade wielders are busy handling the Wolfmask Mob and the contaminoid, one of chromf contaminoid becomes airborne and wreaks havoc upon the city. Nina explains to Layfon spisode Naruki that Sharnid suddenly left the 10th Platoon during an inter-platoon match.


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As the students of Zuellni are ready to face against the students of Myath, it turns out that Myath has changed its course, postponing the inter-city battle. In the proto-city of Glendan, Leerin Marfes meets Synola Leisler, who sees a vision of a winged beast and a young black haired girl through Leerin’s eyes.

Because of that, Sharnid wants to reconnect with Dinn and Dalsiena again. When Leerin invites Nina back to her place, a red bird flies to the window and the two notice a giant glowing orb full of red birds at a distance.

Views Read Edit View history. Felli is revealed to be held in captivity, unable to use her psychokinetic energy because Fellmouse has contained it all. Chrpme believes that Nina is housing the electronic spirit of Zuellni and is possessed by the electronic spirit of Gandoweria inside her body. When they arrive, Nina realizes the city is Gandoweria, which they fought against and lost to two years ago, shocked to see it in ruins.

Kalian orders both the 17th Platoon and 5th Platoon to go to a lost academy city, which was destroyed by the contaminoids, and look around for any survivors. While Sfason no Gargantia could easily get lost in the annals of anime history, it is certainly one that any anime fan shslled devote some time to watching. Sharnid, Dinn, and Dalsiena made a vow to defend the city with their own hands, but their friendship started falling apart as a consequence.

Shortly after Layfon’s dismissal from the hospital, Mayshen meets with him by the train station, where she thanks him for protecting her. Layfon, later meeting up with Nina, explains that he wants to start a new life without having to always fight. While Layfon decides to help Mayshen in the kitchen, both Nina and Felli spy on them. List of Chrome Shelled Regios episodes. The next day, Layfon agrees to teach Felli this time around. Kalian contact Layfon that Glendan is getting closer and preparations are being db for the worst-case scenario of the two cities battling one another.

Lists of anime episodes. As Nina is about to be defeated, Felli sends Nina’s thoughts to Layfon, who uses a powerful burst of kei to defeat the 16th Platoon members to the astonishment of the onlookers.


That evening, Layfon recalls that he was one of the fighters wielding the Heaven’s Blade against the giant Limbeekun in the past. In the present, Layfon Wolfstein Alseif leaves his regios to attend the academic city of Zuellni. At the same time, the other Heaven’s Blade wielders wpisode their strength to destroy the other restrained contaminoid.

At night, a contaminoid is heard to be breaking into the barrier. When Nina questions Layfon about his feelings concerning military arts, he replies to only keep his survival, but she refuses to accept his way of thinking. At the dining hall, Leerin and Nina meet each other.

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Two singles containing the engpish music and other tracks are planned for release on February 4, Meanwhile in Zuellni, Kalian questions Layfon as to why he continues to work in machinery when his tuition has been already waived.

Come sunrise, Layfon manages to weaken the monster but damages his adamandite in the process. Sharnid fights off Myunfa, while Dalsiena finds Dinn deep into the forest. Felli has collapsed from depleting her psychokinetic energy, waking up to Layfon’s presence, but after he leaves, she hears a gunshot outside.

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Xub declines the offer of returning to Glendan with Leerin, and he sets out to meet with the rest of the 17th Platoon. Felli reveals to Layfon that she works there to choose her own path in life. Meanwhile, Dalsiena apprehend Sharnid on a rooftop, asking why he left the 10th Platoon and why he broke his vow. Even though Dalsiena had so much affection for Dinn, she tells him that the 10th Platoon should no longer exist.

The truth is that these are people lost in an alternative reality caught between struggling as pawns of the founders of this space and sezson trying to destroy it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Prior to this, Felli had defied Kalian in order to assist her platoon. The anime adaptation started airing in January and was produced by Zexcs.