What’s the point of watching anime that doesn’t cover the entire source material. The series will be organized up by story arcs, and cannon episodes will be listed and the titles will be shown as well. Available on Manga Store. The soul society arc was like the only really good arc, you can call it bad but crap? Orihime, the Cry of Sorrow! New characters are introduced, and even that has minimal at best relevance to the story after the filler arc they are introduced in.

Chapter 1 Did you sleep with a moderator’s girlfriend? Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. New characters are introduced, and even that has minimal at best relevance to the story after the filler arc they are introduced in. How to Watch Bleach Without Fi Eryc James Hey guys, I’m new to the site. Who is the Traitor?! Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

Great job for those who aren’t interested in watching fillers. Episode Cry of the Soul? This is very helpful! Is bleach basically dead at this point. The series ends with episodeat which point you can pick up from manga chapter if you so choose. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Now the Enemy Monster!? For real, is there any series that you’d call “well written “?


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Which episodes of Bleach are filler? I would suggest reading the manga after you get caught up. Although, basically the fillers are absolutely lame Of course it was the first arc I saw when I stated watching it on tv years ago. However, all had at least some errors so I’ve had to check on various other websites as well. bleachgst

Callat 2, 4 21 Will I miss out on something if I watch Bleach without the fillers? Never listen to the opinions of the people who told you this, ever again. Hisagi, Towards the Hot Springs Inn!

Nailed it so hard. Start your next Bleach marathon right! I’m catching up and this is very helpful.

Actually now that Eepisode think about it if you didn’t like that arc that means the only arc you did like was the beginning of the series? I almost stopped watching Naruto because of fillers, but found similar thread to this so I now watch it filler-free, and I’d really like to continue watching Bleach since I like it alot.

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The Left Fist Prepared for Death! Lexmark Lexmark 6 years ago 28 I never watched all the anime but I did look at epispde filler series on adult swim. The Rescue story arc Episodes Guide to watching Bleach without the pointless filler: There are several sources online that show which episodes are filler and which are cannonical. Group of the Strongest Bleacyget I was just sitting there at my computer watching episode and thinking, “This is totally a filler, and how in the heck did Ichigo get back to the real world, I’m pretty that the Gargatan thing was closed!?


Itachi Itachi 6 years ago 30 and people say it’s a must see for every anime watcher. AlexejMagura Thanks, I’ve added it. I haven’t updated my list in a bit for Episoed because I skipped a few eps here and then but does this include partial filler episodes? Tyvm for your hard work.

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Bleschget Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: For those who’d like to know, that means that until episodethere are non-filler episodes to watch. Meet the Gotei 13! However, the actual nonfillers are lame too, so More topics from this board CaffeineSnorter CaffeineSnorter 6 years ago 29 Chapter 1 Did you sleep with a moderator’s girlfriend?