I just love the explanations you give for this list, that I personally think that if you made a worst anime list, it would just be amazing and hilarious! He was referenced in Joshiraku. Oh, and this list also introduced me to Black Lagoon, which is fucking awesome. The art style, was different, some might say ugly. What do sources have to do with any of this? I will say one positive thing for Milky Holmes, and that being arsene is a great character, truly one of the few actually self reflective characters in fiction next to Hamlet.

Did you drop the show or did you manage to finish it, because the first episodes are the ones doused with the most philosophy and shit. This list can definitely change pretty quick if i see another great anime but for now lets leave it as it is. I will say that frontier is my favourite of those, and so, it lands in my top ten. One thing about almost purely plot focused anime as most of the list here is or otherwise is that it often has little if any character development. The idea behind the dolls was really cool. Stopped watching after the fifth episode. Then I waited until now to watch the first season, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it fared to the second season. You have the power to make all your main characters good looking!

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Geass falls flat for me. Zero Gabriel DropOut gakkou gurashi! I also loved Trigun and a lot of Gainax shows. You sir have a fantastic taste in anime. You should consider Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The problem with Myanimelist is that it separates movies and sequels and second seasons and the like.


But, I do know bebop and baccano are better. I enjoyed the action sequences and the display of powers. Hana no Uta Yu Gi Oh! Genesis Shingeki no Bahamut: Britney gallery spear upskirt.

Porno filmler izle ne var. When I noticed that Shippuden had over episodes already, and was still on number 1 which bothered me so much!

Top 50 Anime Series of All Time

I liked the twist regarding what the gate actually was. Wonderful story, and the visuals right through to the less clinical drawing style only serve to sreies the dark nature of this series.

Dragonball all of them. Vanguard Asia Circuit Cardfight!!

3 Gatsu no Lion is anime of LIFE – Page « Kanye West Forum

I also like that, even though you expanded to 30 and then 50 anime, the url is still topanime-series-of-all-time. This updated and classic revenge tail is not only a visual feast, but how does one hate revenge tales? I bet it is our adult cynicism that okanim most of us from really relishing the sheer whimsical delight that is Magical Girl Squad Arusu.

Otome Tairan Shingeki no Bahamut: Watched most of all the amines listed and have got to say.

It was made into a manga, then it aired on Japanese TV in anime form. Champloo would be 51 if I extended this list further.

Darker than Black series 2- watchable. They were all pretty good looking but the anime went way too far out of their way to make sure you noticed their extremely bouncy breasts. But having an ending is not bad either.

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Love your list and I visit it every time I need a new anime to watch. As with every other mecha show, I consciously compared it to the greatest anime of all time Evangelion and found Code Geass wanting in certain aspects: All of this sound confusing?


If anything, I should be telling you to get over your old list. I personally think the anime is slightly better than the manga. The girl was like a jailbait Forrest Gump.

aaoi Think Mad Max 2 with martial arts. I think your list is a little lacking this time around for me. Sms olmadan online siyahlar online porno izle. Ars Nova Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Plus everyone has their own opinions towards certain things.

Landon, have you seen Ergo Proxy yet?

This list is total rubbish. That first episode started to set everything up zoi a very traditional manner. Honoo no Kokuin Garo: Konbini Kareshi Konjiki no Gash Bell!!: Also, to further promote my love of the epic anime, those who think they have no plot or story structure are dead wrong bungalu filler in order for the production team to catch up often bogs them down the stories have a complex and intricate plot with the character development being a big thing which, is interwoven and drives much of the happenings.

Doki Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? In any case I would like to hear other peoples opinion about it why here? Oyunlar spongebob seks bedava. Naruto the plot is more complex than you xoi fools can comprehend rivalry is used in many animes to build characters but its on a different level in Naruto.