However, with this simple method, you should be able to solve it in no time! The Water Plant is one of the most frustrating parts of the Altador Plot. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. This is what you are looking for: Doesn’t matter the order that you’re refreshing on the eight tabs? For the very top-left box, for example, you will set all of your wheels and levers to the ‘off’ postion. To avoid losing track of your position, you might want to use tally marks to keep track of how many lever combinations you’ve tried with each wheel combination. You should now return to the Archivist again.

Subscribe to our RSS feed, and you will be able to receive the latest news and updates the moment it happens! The bits you are interested in are the valves and switches. Posted February 26, You pick up the necklace, and notice that its shape forms a strange pattern You know, like a “stupid” peoples section. It took me maybe 2 days, I’m lazy as fuck and completing the AP is a joke.

S Am I doing something wrong? We surely would have drowned in a flood if it hadn’t been for your quick thinking! Helped get past waterworks way faster than when I did th eplot on my main account. Unfortunately, no-one has worked waer a proven method yet. Got through it much faster than I thought. It is, but there are ways to make it a guidf easier.

The other half, that which has stolen our history, remains as strong as ever. This entire thread has me in stitches. What to do for those 7 days: And as far as freeze rate goes, well, you ARE using an auto-refresher, which of course is against the rules, but you won’t be running it for more than a minute, tops.


The water running through the pipes and that tanks makes absolutely no difference, though some people say otherwise. Welcome to myTDN, guest!

Surely these are not the tools of someone with nothing to hide. This plot guide is NOT to be reprinted on any website or resource without permission from the administration. Posted November 20, So, that means that if the chart is showing: Go onto sides and fill up your accounts. We must uncover this riddle before Jerdana learns of our efforts. On one page, custom set it to refresh every 1 second.

Click ‘Pull on the flap Click the water tower shown below to go there. For the purpose of explanation, I will choose down. Please log in to reply.

So what I do is create a Neopet everyday until my account is full then move on to my sides and fill up those accounts! What exactly are you supposed to do?

‘s Altador Mini-Plot Coverage, Solutions, and Walkthrough

I was really into this quest too, and i remember i had my altadpr Yoshy do this part for me. Click here for the next steps! Several functions may not work. Add a few seconds in because of the non-randomness of the refreshing, but wow that’s pretty dam fast. You currently have javascript disabled. Very nice addition Cannabis and will be useful to new folks popping in to get started!

So basically what we’re going to do is go through each of these combinations one by one, checking them off as we go.

All you need to do is create a Neopet and view it’s pet lookup.


You have discovered The Protector constellation. They also noticed that the levers in a room appear to affect the flow of water in the room directly to the right of it. This topic is regarded as of high importance by site staff. You can get frozen for that. Ok thanks, I guess i’ll just keep trying! One account got Frozen Gee thanks to a friend One account was for a friend Use your keyboard, or the button at the top of your browser.

Post edited to remove all mentions of such.

Then your levers in the water distibution plant would look like this: Share This Page Tweet. You pick up the necklace, and notice that its shape forms a strange pattern However, with this simple method, you should be plor to solve it in no time!

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Item in PB Set: Thank you so much, I was trying this for hours yesterday. This sure was a great help!

Altador Plot

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Posted February 21, Cookies Forum software upgrade. My guess is you won’t ever have to wait much longer than that.